Realm of exploration

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Only five years ago, we were still in the middle of a farm. The farmers will farm their work on the land of the art gallery. Today, the museum rises from the ground. Its significance is not only the structure of its reinforced concrete and the art of building, but also the change of its environment and experience. It also increases the thickness of the art museum.

Two Holland artists of groovy combination: a photographer and a textile designer. Their work will also inject new meaning to the whole building.

Their artistic achievements are entirely different - just as a photograph and a piece of textiles are intrinsically unrelated - but they are the ultimate achievement of countless experiments.

WassinkLundgren thinks each shot is an experiment. He has an enormous interest in the nature of Photography: what is the meaning of photography as a medium?. He conveyed his deeper understanding of photography by studying and playing with the nature of photography.

In the design of textiles, Samira Boon also has a similar experience: each of her works is a new understanding of materials, a study of the possibility of weaving, folding and Deconstruction of endless exploration.

For them, begin the final results is not the meaning of Art -- it is the exploration and experiment of the process so that they have the opportunity to create art, enjoy art, and have the opportunity to explore and experience not to place. Every attempt at art is a journey and an experiment, a search and a new knowledge. It's not just about a camera, a piece of fabric, it's about the self and the life.