The Origin of Di Yuan Art Gallery

The land where we stand used to be abandoned fields before the opening of the art gallery. Previous famers had cultivated industriously on this land. Now Di Yuan Art Gallery has risen from the level ground. The meaning that it stands for is not merely an architecture made of reinforced concrete, the situation it stands and the changes it had gone through also enrich the existence of the architecture and the art gallery.

Truth、Goodness、Beauty、Innovation are the tone of Di Yuan Art Gallery, and it carries on and echoes the value which its parent enterprise-Minth Group has always implemented: integrity, trust, teamwork, and embrace change, as well as the enterprise mission: Do thing right at the very first time; besides, caring vulnerable groups and of taking good care of every employee. Jiaxing Huazhang Properties Co., Ltd. as its subsidiary has gone through ten year’s development, and grown to be a large enterprise with a collection of real estate development, cultural tourism, ecological agriculture, property service and so on. Moreover, it has built several diversified and successful projects among the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, such as ‘Jiangnan Royal Maison’, ‘Royal TreeBay’.

The Environment of Di Yuan Art Gallery

Di Yuan Art Gallery is embraced by ‘Lake Island’ and subordinates to a cultural tourism project invested by Huazhang Properties. It locates on a small island in Nanhu district of jiaxing city, Zhejiang province, about eight kilometers away from the city center, and covers an area of 25000 square meters. The waterway that circles the island forms a moat, and miscanthus sacchariflorus grows along the river bank. The plants on the island mainly consists of ginkgo tree and osmanthus. ‘Qingxi Bridge’ is the major connection way to the outside island. 

‘Lake Island’ is designed by the renowned Dutch designer Daan Roggeveen, and is the only Northern Europe style architecture in Jiaxing city. The building space accounts for 15 thousand square meters and made up dexterously of eight comparatively independent buildings. Apart from Di Yuan Art Gallery, the ‘Lake Island’ and other buildings are planed to be served as hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, fitness centers and other recreation facilities. The space is unique and bright, and the lighting is adequate. It applies greatly white building facades, which foils with the surrounding plants and lawn, and presents a neat and clean beauty. There is a bicycle path run through the whole island. The isolated environment of the ‘Lake Island’ will be the best choice for vacation, whether for relax alone or for a family tour. 

The Attitude of Di Yuan Art Gallery

The existence of Diyuan Art Gallery will manifest the rareness and artistic value of the ‘Lake Island’. The idea of ‘Di Yuan’ came from the vegetation called miscanthus sacchariflorus that grows around Lake sland; Di, means tough herbaceous plants, with strong fertility. It grows along the river bank, and its leaves are slender resembling reeds. It blooms purple flowers in autumn, and its leaves can be weaved into mats; Yuan, means origin. Thus Di YuanArt Gallery sets off from the origin, and combines the nature and humanity, connecting the local and international, forms a natural, aesthetics field that deliver the value of truth, goodness, beauty, and innovation, and everyone can enjoy learning.

Among all the museums categories, the art museum (i.e. art gallery) is happen to be the most difficult one for audience education, because aesthetic feeling is subjective, and can hardly provide a standard answer so-called by the audiences, except by exhibition design, guidance, atmosphere, and five senses experience, and so on. While the rich and unique natural environment of Di Yuan Art Gallery is able to to set up such an exploration space and learning platform.

Back to origin, explore authenticity.

Although Di Yuan Art Gallery is a private art gallery, it never forget the missions and responsibilities as an art education organization. Besides the five major functions of a museum: 「collection」,「research」、「exhibition」、「education」、「recreation」, it also combines the natural advantage and the positioning of the Lake Island, and takes the following art education opinions as the main attitude towards the audience in the future.

A.    Adopting affable modern vocabulary as the idea of exhibitions, curriculums, and events.

B.    Using simple but profound introductory pattern, enabling children and adults to get close to art, and becoming art appreciators and enthusiasts.

C.   In the imperceptible art atmosphere, enlightening the inborn potential of audiences, and gradually enhancing the aesthetic taste and quality.

D.   Bringing the art gallery visiting experience into life, and making art no longer untouchable, but integrating into everyone’s life eventually.